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I Tried To Buy Chevron Netherlands – Paddy Adenuga

Paddy Adenuga the son of Michael Adeniyi Agbolade Ishola Adenuga, a business tycoon, the CEO of Nigeria’s second largest telecoms operator Globacom, a billionaire whose net worth is 5.5 billion USD (2018). His son Paddy Adenuga who left his family in Oct 2013, to startup his own oil trading company, …



Lady Refuses To Smile On Her Wedding Day – See Photos

For most ladies, their wedding day is the best and most remarkable day of their lives, but this case seem different from what we use to know. Viral wedding photos on facebook added by Hon Ala Mathias of a lady who refuses to smile on her traditional marriage day.   …



Comedian Bovi’s Public Letter To Dorcas Fapson

Recently, the news trending on social media platforms concerning actress Dorcas Fapson and the Taxify driver alleged report on rape. The news caught Bovi’s attention, he decided to write a public letter to her on instagram analyzing the whole issue all over again sieving the wheat from the chaff on …



Jide Kola Proposes To His Girlfriend In Dubai

A well known Nigerian photographer Jide Kola reportedly proposed to his girlfriend surprisingly yesterday in Dubai, after a long awaited proposal that wasn’t forth coming that she longed-for. He said, “Omo she agree to marry me sha on his Instagram page”. congrats, knot the tie soon.     Read how …



Groom Unveils Cheating Bride Few Weeks To Their Wedding

There is nothing hidden under the sun that can not be revealed. Groom caught wife to be on bed with the best man 3weeks before their wedding. What’s your advice for this young man? Read tweets below: What will u do if u find out ur fiance/fiancee is cheating on …



Man Sexually Harasses His Daughter.

The news that Mr John Okeregu from Okpe Isoko, Isoko North LGA Delta state, sexually harasses his biological daughter has gone viral. In the process of trying to rape her, she refused, then he tries another means to inflict his anger on her, by flogging her mercilessly leaving bruises all …



A Lady Whose Crush Saves Her Name In His Phone As Afang Soup Cries Out

The saying, the secret to a man’s heart is his stomach is not far from the truth, a man saves a lady’s name with Afang soup in his phone. It is very common people save other people’s contacts with weird names, like were they met them, things they did for …



Lady Proposes To Her Man (Video)

Lady proposes to her man, what are ladies of now a days turning into, if this drama happens in other parts of the country, its a no, no in Nigeria. The bible quotes; “he” that findeth a wife findeth a good thing, not “she” that findeth a husband. Not the …



Divorce Saga, OAP Freeze’s Fiancée Files For Divorce.

Benedicta Elechi the CEO of TasteBud RealNaija Cooking and Ditchi Foods Nig Ltd on an interview with Linda Ikeji T.v spoke about her business and why she divorced her first husband Mr Paul Odekina who was the Executive General Manager of Human Resources at Total E&P Nigeria Limited. He was …



Outcome Of First Rain Of The Year In Benin City (Video)

Outcome of the first Rain of the Year in Benin City. It rained cat and dog in Benin city, the first rain of the year at Benin, caused many to call on the help of the  government on social media. Many occupants staying along Saint Saviour’s road Benin city witnessed heavy  …

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