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Jesus Will Be Happy If You APOLOGIZE To Nigerians Over This Semi Nude Photo-Uche To Tonto Dikeh

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Do you think most people will still listen to you when you preach JESUS to them after this pics? Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwa, slammed Actress and a single mother, Tonto Dikeh for taking a semi nude bathtub photoshoot to advertise a project on social media, he asked that how many unbelievers go semi nude for a photoshoot not to talk of a Christian sister.

Uche also said Jesus will be happy if Tonto Dikeh apologizes to Nigerians over semi nude photoshoot.

He later went on to tell fans to stop judging her because nobody is perfect, after reading negative comments from haters, he said as a single mother, Tonto is trying to be perfect in her own little way.

@tontolet I think Jesus would be happy if you APOLOGIZE to Nigerians over this semi Nude pics… 🙈🙈 Nobody is perfect, but how many “unbeliever” will go semi NUDE for a photoshoot?😁 Not to talk of a christian sister…😭 in 1 Timothy 2:9-10, ” Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self control”.✏ @tontolet God is the only judge, but do you think most people will still listen to you when you preach JESUS to them after this pics?😁 They’ll probably ask you, “Did Jesus go naked in the public for any product or photoshoot?😁 @tontolet God is not the author of confusion, if you still want to be “radical for Jesus” and WIN souls to Christ,🔥 start by apologizing for this pics, yes, it was for a photoshoot, but such is not allowed in Christianity.🍎 I would never follow haters to JUDGE you, but if you still want people to take your “preaching” seriously, then you need to APOLOGIZE firstly.🙈

@tontolet is not PERFECT, stop judging her because of her semi NUDE pics…🙈🙈 This is so UNFAIR…😭 Omg, i cried profusely after reading all the NEGATIVE comments from haters,😭 how can you people JUDGE someone based on one semi NUDE pics?🍎 Are you God? What if she was your sister? Will you still use all those BAD words on her?🔥 @tontolet has never said she is perfect, this is a single mum trying all her possible best to SHINE,💎 despite what she has gone through in LIFE, she is still trying to stay strong,🌲 don’t bring her down with words,✏ I know a lot of people expect me to ABUSE her,😁 but let he who has no SIN be the first to JUDGE her.⚽ Christianity is a personal race,🚗 @tontolet is not your PASTOR or BISHOP, she’s just a fellow christian sister who is trying to find happiness in her own little way.✈

Stop criticizing @tontolet, this pics was just for a product…🔥🔥 “Holy holy” people, which one is your business?😁 Yes, @tontolet is a “radical for Jesus” pikin, but this pics is a photoshoot, its not as if she woke up one morning and took this pics for fun,🙈 please let’s be constructive in our criticism.🍎 If this pics was taken by @kimkardashian most of this minimum WAGE self righteous HATERS would be making beautiful comments like,😍 “gorgeous”, “sweet”, “lovely”, just to mention but a few,✏ but why can’t we support our own here in Naija?😭 Honestly, what breaks my heart the most is that most of these Anopheles and “bathroom slippers”⛱ haters who insult @tontolet for this pics are WOMEN,😭 like seriously, when are women ever going to start supporting each other in Nigeria?🚐

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